EveryThing Everywhere (Orange UK) Storing and Transmitting Passwords in the clear?

So, something strange just happened to me, that made me really go "WTF?". I recently purchased an iPad for my wife, 3g and Wifi, with a 3G contract from Orange UK (we chose Orange as we have our phones with them too, so we get to have everything on one bill).
This morning, while sat in Church of all places, our youngest son was being kept amused by playing with the iPad, but he wanted to do some drawing, so I opened up the app store, and realized that I had no 3G! No problem, I thought, I assumed (correctly I now know!) that she had forgotten to register the SIM, so I grabbed my phone, went to the relevant page on Orange UK's next to useless website (that is a story for another day though!), and clicked the link to activate the SIM. Up pops a Login dialogue, out pops my brain! I knew the login name (its my mobile number), but got the password wrong, no problem, i know it is one of 2 possible passwords, but this is where things get strange!
Before I had the option to retry or reset as I expected, a message popped up saying that my password would be sent to my email. Well, ok, nevermind, but I don't really want to reset the password as I know what it is! So ping goes the email on the phone to say it's arrived, what do I see? A reset link? no. A new, temporary password? no. What I see makes me cringe, My password, in an email, in plaintext. My mouth fell open and I was genuinely left speechless.
This password is for access to ALL the control of my mobile phone accounts (that is 4 phones, and and iPad.). This password is useable to add new devices to my account. It does EVERYTHING!
Even now, after a few hours I still cannot get my head around what they were thinking! Why would anyone store passwords in the clear? Especially a massive company like Everything Everywhere? I see absolutely NO reason for this!

EDIT: After some playing around with Fiddler et.al. It would seem that the password and login details are transmitted in plaintext from the browser with EVERY login! (I have not had the time to test their mobile app yet).